The menus are cutting off.

Some users have reported that menus are cutting off, and they’re not able to access all the options. This appears to be a problem exclusively to Windows users, who have scaled the display of their display (under Settings > Display). I don’t have a solution at the moment unfortunately, other than returning the display to 100%. I’ll post an answer if and when I figure it out.

I’m unable to edit a mask path after applying Ease and Wizz with Curvaceous. What gives?

This seems to be a limitation with After Effects, and occurs when any expression is applied to the Mask Shape property. Temporarily disabling the expression with the “=” button will allow editing of the path.

How do I get more control over the bounce or elastic expressions?

These expressions are pretty speedy to apply, but don’t offer too much in terms of customising. For that, I recommend checking out Dan Ebberts’ The Physical Simulations is a great jumping off point.

Since upgrading to CS6, After Effects crashes when I click “apply”. How come?

There is a bug fix update available from Adobe (more info here). Just upgrade your copy to 11.0.1 using Adobe Updater.

Can I use this with After Effects 7?

I never had any joy getting the palette to work in AE7. However, you can always just copy and paste the expressions directly into the property you’re animating … if, for example you wanted an expo in-out tween on a position property, keyframe it as usual then open the file “inOutExpo-easeandwizz-all.js”. Copy the contents, add an expression to the position property, then paste it in.

Why do I need to enable “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network”?

The expressions themselves are separate files in the “easingExpressions” folder. The main script figures out which one you intend to use, opens the relevant file, and the applies the expression to all the properties you’ve got selected. In a pinch, you could also do this manually (but it’s pretty laborious).

What’s with the name?

It’s a pun on a song title by UK band Pulp: “Sorted for E’s & Wizz”.

I’d like to give you some money. Can I?

That would bring me much joy. Your best bet is to make a donation at