2016-12-15 – Version 2.5.1

  • [FIXED] Refactored code that was causing conflicts with other scripts, resulting in “Null is not an object” error; also improved jslint compliance.

2016-11-16 – Version 2.5.0

  • [NEW] Multi-easing types. You can have two easing types on one property, e.g. Expo Out, then Back Out – in one expression. The easing only applies to the first two and last two keyframes on the property, other keyframes use the values from the timeline. You can use After Effects’ built-in easing for these intermediate keys.

    The new easing combinations are:

    • Expo out, Expo in
    • Expo in, Expo out
    • Back out, Expo in
    • Back out, Back in
    • Elastic out, Back in
    • Elastic out, Expo in
    • Bounce out, Expo in

    These are just combinations that I find useful. You can combine any two easing types by manually by editing the expression; see comments in the code for more.

    Note that multi-easing types don’t work with Curvaceous.

  • [FIXED] Updated templates for Curvaceous “Start & End” and “All Keyframes”, which weren’t working as they should.
  • [CHANGED] Made the list type a little wider, so it’s easier to read with the multi-easing types.
  • [CHANGED] Changed naming convention for expression file names, e.g. “inExpo” to “expo-in”, so they’re easier to read and more consistent.
  • [CHANGED] Removed reference to “aeExpo” from the source code since we’re not using it … I’ll put it in there one day.
  • [CHANGED] Other code fixes and general beautification.

2015.08.12 – Version 2.1.2

  • [CHANGED] The expressions now have a “txt” extension, rather than “js”, to stop them being identified as potential malware by Microsoft Windows 10.
  • [CHANGED] Added a manifest file, for compatibility with the aescripts.com installer.

2015.12.15 – Version 2.1.1

  • [FIXED] A small jump at the start and end of the inOutExpo could be visible when using very large values. This has been fixed.

2015.07.16 – Version 2.1

  • [NEW] Ease and Wizz now remembers what options were selected if you close the palette.
  • [NEW] A warning is displayed if you click “apply” with no keyframes selected.
  • [NEW] Ease and Wizz displays a message on the info palette describing what it did (e.g. ‘Applied “Bounce” to four properties’).
  • [FIXED] On Windows machines the menus would occasionally get cut off when using the Curvaceous feature, presumably because the script removed menu items. Now they are disabled, rather than removed.
  • [CHANGED] “Bounce” now appears before “Back” in the menu, which looks aesthetically more pleasing when the Curvaceous checkbox is active.

2015.07.16 – Version 2.0.8

  • [REVERTED] Unfortunately 2.0.7 introduced an error in the inOutExpo behaviour, which could cause a jump halfway through easing. It has been reverted to the previous behaviour.

2015.07.08 – Version 2.0.7

  • [FIXED] Similar to the fix in version 2.0.6, inExpo and inOutExpo exhibit a small jump at the start when easing between very large values. A magic number has been added to fix it.
  • [FIXED] Some of the Curvaceous expressions were missing default variables, which would cause the expression to throw an error. These have been fixed.

2015.03.25 – Version 2.0.6 “Crocodile” Edition

  • [FIXED] Due to a rounding error, outExpo and inOutExpo would display a small “jump” at the end when using very large values. This has been fixed.

Bonus screencast version:

2015.01.05 – Version 2.0.5

  • [FIXED] Changed variable scoping to avoid namespace clashes.
  • [NEW] Added help button with info and version number.
  • [CHANGED] Small interface tweaks.
  • [CHANGED] Link in the comments to Pulp’s live performance of “Sorted for E’s and Wizz” at Glastonbury, for the curious.

2013.07.13 – Version 2.0.4

  • [FIXED] Reinstated the graceful catch for errors when applying expression to mask path without Curvaceous turned on.
  • [FIXED] Put global variables on a custom object and renamed functions to avoid namespace clashes.
  • [FIXED] Caught a bug that left the easing-type popup blank if selecting Curvaceous when Elastic or Back were selected. Now it defaults to Expo.
  • [CHANGED] Removed the requirement in the documentation to “Allow scripts to write files and access network”.
  • [CHANGED] The default period when using Elastic easing is now 0.81, rather than 0.8 (which may have been related to a rare rounding error).

2012.10.11 - Version 2.0.3

  • [FIXED] Reverted the type in the popup menus to a black colour, as it was illegible in CS5.

2012.10.11 - Version 2.0.2

  • [FIXED] The inBounce behaviour was, inexplicably, identical to the outBounce behaviour. It now behaves as advertised.
  • [NEW] The popup menus and the “Curvaceous” checkbox now have tooltips for extra information.

2010.10.21 – Version 2.0.1

  • [CHANGED] A minor tweak to add compatibility with Expression Toolbox.
  • [FIXED] Added a more graceful catch if you try to add an expression to a mask path without the “Curvaceous” checkbox enabled.

2009.02.11 – Version 2.0

  • [NEW] Curvaceous. Allows you to apply easing expressions to curved motion paths, and to mask or shape layer paths.

2008.12.01 – Version 1.12

  • [FIXED] After Effects CS4 compatibility.

2008.03.24 – Version 1.1

  • [NEW] Tooltips added to the palette
  • [NEW] Popup menu added so you can select which keyframes to affect (all, first two and last two, or just the first two)
  • [CHANGED] Replaced the “type” radio buttons with a popup menu
  • [CHANGED] Eliminated need to choose easingExpressions folder path (thanks to Jeff Almasol)
  • [FIXED] Fixed colour of text in popup menus - thanks to Jeff again

2008.03.21 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release